Smart City

SeeTa Smart city

CCOM focus oncommunication technology, digital video technology, wireless digital multimediacluster technology and the Internet of things bearing optimization technology researchand development. Through mixing independent research and development industryapplication system software, this system could provide wisdom city constructionvarious information such as regional integration information transmission,wireless private network coverage, wisdom water conservancy, environmentalprotection, wisdom sites, wisdom scenic spot .etc solution scheme.


CCOM utilizeaccumulated technology such as optical transmission access technology, multi-businessintegrated reuse technology, wireless transmission covering technology, videocoding and decoding technology, sensor acquisition control technology, IP voiceinteraction technology integration application to provide the solution forwisdom city construction.

Smartcity integration communication transmission

CCOM fused opticalfiber transmission technology, multi-business integrated reuse technology, WIFItechnology, ZIGBEE wireless access technology to provide wisdom cityconstruction transmission and sensing access services; Use of PTN ten thousandmega switches, PTN ring net switch series, optical transceiver, industrialEthernet switch IP access devices to complete wisdom city application accesstransmission, using the WIFI coverage and ZIGBEE wireless data access equipmentsuch as wireless access application to complete wisdom city collection access.

Smartprivate network coverage

CCOM using the fourthgeneration of communications technology, provide 4G private network coverage for the urban area construction,for the government and industry to solve the wireless data transmission, andprovide reliable none clogging communication link protection for emergency.

Smartwater conservancy

CCOM use wirelessaudio and video acquisition transmission technology and sensor acquisitionapplication technology to provide groundwater, river, water points monitoring,hydrological monitoring, those logistics risk monitoring, etc for smart waterconservancy

Smartenvironment protection

CCOM combine thewireless video terminal and the environmental pollution sources acquisitionanalysis equipment to provide pollution source automatic monitoring alarm andforensic services. CCOM utilize on-board high-definition wireless cameras,wireless tablet enforcement instrument, wireless 3G printer to provide mobile field law enforcementoffice services for environmental protection department.

Smartconstruction site

CCOM use wirelessaudio and video terminal box sensor acquisition technology to provide constructionsite monitoring, noise monitoring, dust monitoring, tower crane safetymonitoring service


CCOM combine wirelessaudio and video transmission technology and meteorological collectiontransmission technology to provide visual meteorological collection service andwireless transmission service for the meteorological department.

Smartscenic spot

CCOM use optical fibertransmission technology and wireless audio and video sensor acquisitiontransmission analysis techniques to provide security monitoring, scene spot fireprevention, patrol monitoring, traffic forecast suggests, scenic areascheduling and other services.


Own intellectualproperty rights, independent research and development design production

Various transmissionaccess fusions

A set of audio andvideo, broadband access, sensor acquisition application

Easy to use, flexibleand efficient deployment, on-demand customization

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