Emergency Communication


Mobile enforcement wirelesscommunication system solutions could realize multimedia information real-timetransmission at enforcement process through using 3/4G network, help related law enforcement department toachieve fair, efficient and transparent law enforcement.


Our country's economyentered a stage of rapid development. Urban landscape is a most intuitive reflectionof city culture, the security and life safety of people could not lack the hardwork of public security department. Continuously improving of city securitymanagement ability requires modern equipment and civilized law enforcement, soas to effectively guarantee steady economic development and social order. How torealize fair, effective and transparent law enforcement, it needs both thepolice team building and the demand of the masses of the people and theharmonious society. Therefore, CCOM launched a public security monitoringcommand system solution scheme to help law enforcement ministry to conduct supervision,standardize law enforcement activities and deal with emergencies at the processof enforcement.


1,Shortage of manpower

When dealing withillegal events, law enforcement officers are mainly obtaining evidence throughaudio-visual data, and then through the illegal information system topunishment of illegal ACTS, this way of law enforcement could both reduce theconflict between the law enforcement personnel and party, and effectively savethe time of law enforcement personnel handling the case, finally solve thecurrent problems of lacking police manpower in most cities.

2,First line law enforcement officers working intensity is relatively large

When scene situationis not clear enough, scheduling staff could not accurately grasp theinformation, causing low efficiency of deploying and scheduling police manpower,resulting in unreasonable police layout and hard workload of law enforcementofficers.

3.Serious traffic congestion problems

Because of trafficaccident scene comfort and forensics requires human intervention, if happen inrush hour traffic, law enforcement behaviors will influence the urban traffic,causing congestion.

4.Dispatching command lack of information

Emergency occurs,traditional communication tools (such as mobile phone) cannot meet the needs ofthe information feedback, the rear command scheduling refers to little and notintuitive information.

5.Emergency mobility needs to be strengthened

In emergency, thepolice should be able to quickly build and dismantle monitoring scene, in some locationthat vehicles could not reach, needs emergency command terminal finish audioand video communication.



Provide one road video,one road two-way audio.

Built-in 3G module supports EVDO, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA 3G network, can also support the EDGE andCDMA. 2G network.

Support SD cardstorage

Coherent imageclarity, delay 2 ~ 5 seconds

Built-in lithiumbattery pack, sustainable work 4 hours

Waists carry design,easy to carry

Charging time: 2hours, charge and discharge times: 300 ~ 500 times

Transmission system design scheme

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