Emergency Communication

The wireless communication system solution atthe scene of the fire rescue will send the real-time audio and videoinformation back by using 3G and 4G network. Improve the accuracy,efficiency and safety of fire rescue through providing on-site latest news, schedulingcommand staff, convenient for commanders and firefighter’s communication.


Our country's economyentered a stage of rapid development, urban construction change a lot with eachpassing day. Different kinds of large and medium-sized factories, such as gasstations, high-rise buildings sprang up in city construction, causing seriouspollution to the people's life and property safety; at the same time bringenormous challenges to fire control work.


Firefighters use 3/4G individual video server, transmit thefire scene real-time image to the server, command and dispatch personnel couldget fire situation and direct the work of firefighters according to thesituation. At the same time, the two-way voice promises the communicationbetween command personnel and firefighters.

Firefighter at thescene of the fire can also use 3/4Gonboard video server, upload real-time image to the server, command anddispatch personnel get access to the server and understand the scene of thefire situation, and use the two-way voice make direction.

Through 3/4G portable hard disk video recorder, firefighterscan not only transmit real-time image at the scene of the fire, but also makeaudio dialogue with commend and dispatch personnel.

The whole system isdivided into front-end subsystem, wireless transmission system, the monitoringcenter three parts.

1. The front-endsubsystem

Front-end subsystemincluding 3/4G individualvideo server (on-board 3 Gvideo server, or 3G portablehard disk video recorder), cameras, intercom headset, etc. 3/4G video server as the core device, isresponsible for compressing and coding the acquisition of video image, thenupload to the monitoring center through 3/4Gnetwork, implement the remotewatching video.

The specific designsare as follow:

(1) Front-endsubsystem using the camera on the scene video acquisition.

(2) Camera connects with3/4 g video server throughshielding coaxial cable; collected images will be compressed and coded through3/4G network, and then uploadedto the monitoring center.

(3) Wireless 3/4G server needs a 3G SIM card.

2.Wireless transmission system

Wireless transmissionsystem has RJ45 front-end ports, through the local IP address, can previouslyset 3G network video servercorresponding to the monitoring center position. Due to the particularity oflaw enforcement, they can use private network to make the equipment to receiveaudio and video data, through the wireless network (TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE EV-DO, TD-SCDMA,WCDMA, CDMA and EDGE) transmission in the private network.

3.monitoring center

In the monitoringcenter computer room, the monitoring center platform USES a server, andinstalls network video management platform software. According to thesituation, monitoring center will install the TV wall, through the networkvideo decoder to vehicle image decoding into TV signal, output to the TV wall.

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