Title:Wireless Temporary Control Terminal



4G supervized wireless terminal combines the 4G wireless transmission equipment and high-definition camera, realized fixed-point video monitoring function to supervise for temporary scenario.


It is capbale of fast movingeasy erectionwaterproofhigh temperature independent power supply, etc. 


Widely used in public security, army, urban management, schools, transportation, finance, government, enterprises, maritime, electric power, telecom base station, petroleum, drilling, exploration, environmental protection and other fields

  • Function
  • Interface
  • Parameters
  • Application

lProvide one roadanalog video access. To provide one road two-way voice access, support two-wayvoice communication.

lBuilt-in 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi transmission module; optional 3G,4G and Wi-Fi transfermode.

lSupport network model are as follows: the TD- LTE, FDD - LTE 4G network transmission; TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000 and WCDMA mode; EDGE, such as CDMA 2G network

lSupport Wi-Fi wireless transmission.

lSupport the GPS global satellite positioning system.

lEquiped with high-resolution screen.

lUtilize high-performance SONY CCD.

l576X zoom (36 xoptical and 16 x digital zoom).

lHigh resolution, color540 TVL, black and white 600 TVL, clear and delicate image.

lLow illumination,color: 0.2 Lux @ F1.6, AGC (ON), 0.0008 Lux @ (F1.6, AGCON iso (256), black and white: 0.02 Lux @F1.6, AGC (ON), 0.00008 Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON iso (256).

lProvide integrated equipment boxes, IP65 waterproof design.

lBuild-in lithium battery.

lSupport ICR infraredfilter plate automatic switching.

lSupport backlight compensationfunction.

lUtilize independentintellectual property rights fully automatic focusing algorithm.

lSupport automaticaperture, electronic shutter function, to adapt to different monitoringenvironment.

lSupport 3D noisereduction function, electronic image stabilization, and wide dynamic function.

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Monitor wireless video  terminals, / TDL: support public TDD LTE, TDL14: support private network  LTE/W: support 3G  WCDMA /E: support 3G  EVDO. /G: support functions of GPS positioning   

lAntenna interface 1:SMA standard interface. External connected 4 G/ 3G WIFI antenna.

lAntenna interface 2:SMA standard interface. External connected GPS antenna.

lPower button:equipment Power switch. Long press equipment Power, about 3 seconds to switchon or switch off equipment.

lPhoto button: photobutton.

lCON: standard 6 needleaviation plug connected to the end.

lPWRS indicator:battery indicator light (green: power50%, yellow-green, 30%power 50%, red: power 30)

lNetwork indicator: 3G / 4GNetwork indicator, flashing with 3 g/ 4 g data transceiver.

lRun: equipmentoperation indicator light, when the system is running normally

lCON: standard fivecore air head, provides power supply input, video output, audio input/output

lLCD: liquid crystaldisplay and the power indicator light switch

lFocus +: lens focallength adjustment, enlarge the focal length

lFocus - : lens focallength adjustment, reduce the focal length

lPower indicator light:four LED lights, indicating electricity quantity

Video Parameters

lVideo input: one roadvideo input, 75 ohms, 1 vp - p, PAL/NTSC adaptive

lCompression standard: H.264 Main Profile

lImage resolution: D1(704 x576), 2 (704 x288) CIF, CIF (352 x288), QCIF (176 x144)

lTransmission Frame rate:1-30 FPS is adjustable

lVideo compressionformat: h. 264

lRate: 64 k - 4 MBPSadjustable

Audio parameters

lAudio input/output: 1road two-way audio

lAudio compressedformat: G. 711 / ADPCM

Wireless parameters

lTransfer: 1 cardtransfer

lInterface standards:built-in UIM (SIM) card slot

lNetwork protocol:TCP/IP SMTP RTSP RTP/RTCP UDP protocol HTTP

lPower supply: DC 12 V,working volt 11.7 V, sustainable work 8 hours

lPower consumption: 5W

lInput voltage: 12 v 1A DC

Environmental requirements

lOperating temperature:- 10 ℃ ~ 55

lStorage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 70

lRunning humidity:80 without condensation

lStorage humidity: 90 withoutcondensation


lLength x Width x Height= 127.6 mm x 85.2 mm x 41.4 mm

Camera parameters

lPower supply: 12 v / 0.25 A

lLens: 700 line

lZoom: l 30 x opticalzoom

lOther: day and night

Liquidcrystal display parameters

lSize: 3.5 inches 4:3

lResolution: 320 * 240

lPower supply: DC 12 v

lPower consumption:1W

lWorking temperature:15 ° C to + 80 ° C

lStorage temperature: -20 ° C to + 80 ° C

Optional modules

lTD-SDMA,CDMA2000,WCDMA 3G module; TD- LTE, FDD - LTE 4G module; WIFI module; GPS module.                   


Numbers  of indicator light (from left to right) 

 0  1  2   3 4 
  Spare  electricity quantity



    25%~50%    50%~75%     ≥75% 

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