Last Mile Data Access


Carrieroperators have rich E1 resources, had already laid into each corner, and there are various front-end equipmentis. So that how will the equipments work together, and unified management, has become the most considerable issues of carrieroperators, the MAS system of CCOM company, offer a very good solution to this problem.

System construction

Multi service integrated access system (MAS), support for E1, V.35, Ethernet,voice and other service access, is the ideal last mile access solutions for telecommunications operators such as SDH,ATM, frame relay and the Internet etc. The platform can support the optical fiber, twisted pair transmission medium, support SNMP unified management, management performance improvement. The platform can not only manage to the various business card which is inserted into the MAS system, but also can implement end to end management, through card type equipment in central information room to manage the user's office end independent type equipment, 


lMulti product convergence, support the hybrid access

lManage the user's office end independent type equipment, implement end to end management

lThe MAS system can be cascaded 3 MAS frame


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