Beijing subway line 15 is one of the subways running by Beijing Subway Corporation, and is as long as 40.8 kilometers. Subway Line 15 combines the Wangjing District with Shunyi CBD area, and is an horizontal main line runing through the North Beijing.  This project is part of the Line 15 construction monitoring system.


1)Management: the launch of construction monitoring system, improves the security management of the construction site. By monitoring the key part of the construction site,  it's able to supervise the construction process and deterrent effect on the operation of the construction site personnel; to strengthen supervision of site safety, to eliminate and prevent safety accidents role.

2)Used in daily security meeting

In construction site, it is required that a security meeting must be holden everyday, and all the managers must attend the meeting. The monitoring system make the contribution to the meeting, enrich the content and makes it more targeted. It records the construction situation of construction site, through the video content arrangement, make regular safety meeting content no longer empty but more practical.

3)The increased range of safety supervision and management

The safety of construction site is mainly rely on the supervision of project manager and on-site workers' self-discipline. At this point, the field operation is over a broad area and the phenomenon of often the potential safty hazard illegal behavior can not be timely eliminate often occur, resulting in safty accidents. The video monitoring system by means of monitoring key ring section and key parts, can effectively increase the monitoring area, and to stop security risks and illegal behavior in time.

4)An important basis for the safety of reward and punishment

Safety reward and punishment is one of the most important safty management method. At the construction site,  dispute often emergence due to the safety of reward and punishment dispute emerged, video surveillance video provides an important basis for the safety of reward and punishment

5)Used in safty activities。

Team safety activity is an important part of safety management in construction site, generally require one activity every day. In the activity the construction team do a summary for the last a few days of work safety. By watching video surveillance, workers can make the team safety activity rejuvenating move, and the safety education for workers is more and more deterrent.


1) System constitution

Front-end device::in general, system uses infrared camera as a front-end equipment monitoring system, connected through a video cable to video optical transmitter,  and transfer the analog signals into light signals, then back to the monitoring center, and display the images at the same time. The monitoring personnel to monitor the site key parts through the monitor, and the system can  support LAN video watch and recall.

Transmission:Based on fiber transmission technology, CCOM provided point to point video optical transmitter in subway construction. And the application is that: the on-site transmitter send the images to the receiver which is in the information room, and dispaly it on the television wall. The commander in monitor room can control the PTZ by the PTZ keyboard.

2) System advantage。

In the project department where monitoring points are relatively centralized , using a 8 channel video optical multiplexer can achieve that transmitting 8 channel video and audio signals in one fiber. It can provide an extended network Ethernet interface. System uses a infrared camera as a front-end monitoring equipment, mainly on account of the infrared camera has the characteristics of low cost, high resolution and night vision. Using the fixed focus lens has the characteristics of simple wiring, monitoring surface can be adjusted to a better state. Hard disk video recorder can not only divide the picture into N road video image and displayed them simultaneously on one screen, but also can display one image alone, which is suitable for on-site monitoring. Once the system built, the personnel on duty can monitor the scene situation through the picture displayed on the monitor.

System topological graph

1)The location of camera deponds on site situation

2)The power supply needs to be considered with the construction temperory power use.

3)It's better to set the monitor room together with the duty room.

4)Installation and commissioning shall generally be carried out design under the guide of professionals

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